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Advance automation with CIMTEC engineered solutions

At CIMTEC, we measure success by the results of our customers – hundreds of companies are achieving or exceeding their manufacturing performance objectives with our help. The spectrum of these success stories extends from companies with simple legacy automation systems to companies with some of the most complex, state-of-the-art automation technology. Whatever your starting point, we have the experience and knowhow to boost your productivity through automation.

CIMTEC engineers are experts not only in current automation technologies and trends, but also legacy systems that remain the lifeblood of many of our customers. We design and deploy systems that make sense for you, and give you the best payback. We deliver improvements in productivity, efficiency and quality, so your manufacturing process and facility operate at their greatest potential.

We put our knowledge and skills to work for our customers through an effective, proven and unique four-step project management process:


During our Conceptual Design phase, our system design engineers work closely with you to understand your existing processes and production goals. We conduct interviews, measure system performance, and collaborate with you to develop a project scope. Then we document the critical success factors, technical viability, hardware and software requirements, and engineering resources required to achieve your objectives.


In our Project Proposal phase, we assign a dedicated Project Manager, and we detail CIMTEC's deliverables, including development specifications and definitions of the scope of work. We also provide System Engineering documentation, which includes: infrastructure design strategies, vendor and supplier qualifications, system software information, training documentation, and a firm project timeline.


During the Assembly and Test phases, we finalize your production schedule, the hardware manufacturing cycle, all software implementation, and finally, the factory test. Our expertise enables us to minimize installation downtime.


Following production testing and qualification, your project is now complete, and we are ready to turn over the final system to you. We also provide best-in-class operator training and startup assistance.

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