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Chart your path to automation excellence

At CIMTEC, we start every project with one goal in our sights:

To maximize your productivity by syncing your automation lifecycle with your manufacturing and business technologies.

Compared to manufacturing equipment, automation systems advance to the “next generation” at a much faster rate. And they have different maintenance needs and schedules. It’s hard to keep up, and it’s tough to know when to make changes to your automation systems.

With decades of automation knowledge and experience, the engineering team at CIMTEC knows just how to create the ideal path forward for your particular automation systems, as they support your particular operations.

Your automation roadmap:

To maximize the performance of your automation systems while minimizing downtime, CIMTEC offers The Automation Roadmap, a detailed diagnosis of your operations and current automation systems, near-term recommendations to improve current productivity, and your path to future automation advancement.

With our up-to-date knowledge of technologies, practices, trends and regulatory issues, we ask all the right questions as we gather information, perform assessments, and develop a comprehensive understanding of your automation needs.

We start the process by collaborating with your team to identify your current status within the automation lifecycle. At the end of the process, your Automation Roadmap lays out a five-year plan to keep your automation at peak performance, so that it consistently improves your productivity.


The automation lifecycle:

The Roadmap has no pre-determined starting point; our experts are equipped to begin meeting your needs starting with any phase of the automation lifecycle. In other words, we meet you where you are. The automation lifecycle phases are:

Design — When it’s time to add or upgrade your plant’s automation, our automation solutions are engineered to your specific needs. We streamline complex motion, vision and control capabilities into a single system with an expertly built, easy-to-use interface. Alternatively, we can develop a package of hardware and software solutions and walk your team through each technology, step by step.

Implement — Moving from design to implementation is straightforward when you have CIMTEC’s team to help. We have fully vetted the vendors of motion, vision and control products, and we stay current with their new developments. The implementation of our design will consist of the best-matched, most reliable and cost-effective automation products.

Supply — Whether you need new equipment or replacement parts, CIMTEC knows the ins and outs of getting the equipment you need, at the right place, at the right time. And we specialize in minimizing downtime for installation.

Support — You want your automation systems to improve productivity while reducing risks and downtime—and so do we. CIMTEC is known for our technical proficiency, and we have a superior track record of working closely with our customers to optimize productivity. We have an extensive training and workshop program, too.

Maintain — Throughout your automation system’s useful life, you can count on reliable and efficient performance when you partner with CIMTEC. Through our close partnerships with vendors, we create optimal maintenance schedules and tasks, and have the equipment you need for replacement or repairs.

Convert/Upgrade — When you’re ready to upgrade an existing automation system or convert to a new platform, we’ll help you identify the optimal upgrade timing. CIMTEC’s large network of automation resources means that you’ll move to state-of-the-art technology at minimal cost and exceptional ease of migration.