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Improve reliability of your legacy systems

For maximum return on investment, you want your existing automation system to stay on the job as long as it is able to meet your quality and productivity standards. CIMTEC supports this objective not only with timely maintenance and repair, but also with support for legacy components.

For example, CIMTEC specializes in hard-to-find PLC parts. Even if your PLC equipment is decades old, we keep most products in inventory. We recently acquired the entire GE Intelligent Platforms 90-70 PLC line, and we inventory a wide range of hard-to-find legacy products.

If repair of a critical component is needed, CIMTEC uses our extensive repair experience and in-house knowledge of PLC parts and their operation to provide the most thorough and professional repairs. Each part is tested under real-world conditions to ensure that your repaired part works when you need it. In some cases, we warranty an entire board for one year, not just the part that we repaired.

Even in the later years of your automation system’s useful life, you can count on reliable and efficient performance when you partner with CIMTEC.

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