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CIMTEC Engineers Help Randolph Community College Gain an Edge for Their Industrial Programs

The Mechatronics program at Randolph Community College blends mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science to design, build and operate smart machines. 

Colleges all over the nation are realizing the benefits of having the Epson T3 in their classroom, giving their students hands-on experience that will give them a leg up when they enter the job market.

“The T3 gives our students the opportunity to train on real production ready robots where all lessons learned will translate into real world applications."

— WESLEY MOORE, Program Head, Industrial Programs at Randolph Community College

Give Your Students Real World Experience. At a Fraction of the Cost of Other Robots.

CIMTEC Automation brings a new level of learning to classrooms nationwide. We know that students who embrace robotics, CNC’s and advanced manufacturing have an advantage in the job market. We partnered with Epson to create an advanced robotic learning system easy to assemble, program and use. The Epson T3 is the #1 SCARA Robot in the world and half the price. We provide the training and accessories you will need to get started.

The high performance and cost effectiveness of the industrial Epson robot system is the reason we chose this robot. Colleges did not have a turn key solution to their robotic needs, CIMTEC is able to provide 4 systems for the same price as one of our competitors. We also support our customers with everything needed to get their robot set-up, training, maintenance and on-going support. Wesley Moore, Program Head at Randolph Community College states, "CIMTEC continued with the support after sale, as everyone knows 2020 was a year like none before, we all have experienced delays and stay home orders. CIMTEC proved very flexible with delivery and start-up then follow-up months after the initial sale.”  

Epson T3 SCARA Robot Features:

Epson Vision Guide - CV2 vision system to easily include machine vision into the curriculum

Built-in Controller -  Powerful end-of-arm tooling in one space-saving design

Three Part Types -  Select your parts when ordering

Pre-Installed Parts - Gripper, parts, air lines and program are pre-installed and ready to run when shipped

Intuitive Programming Software - Utilizing the SPEL+ programming language and easy to use simulation package. Sample code and Epson SPEL+ Core 1 classroom training material

Custom Designed 3D Printed Nest - Allows you to pick and place the parts that you have selected. Nests are designed to be easily replaced as new parts are introduced


Safety Cage

Epson 7+ Programming
and Simulation Software

Teach Pendant

3 Training Seats for the Epson SPEL Core1 Class
+ Training Materials 

*to be used within one year of purchase

Epson Robots Give Real World Experience to Students in TriCounty's Mechatronics Program

TriCounty Technical College knew they had a top-notch Mechatronics program, but they also knew something was missing. In order to give their students actual industrial robotic skills and a technical edge when they entered the workforce, they needed to give them real world experience, robots that are used in today’s industries. Finding the right robots and staying within budget was proving to be difficult. 

“CIMTEC was great! Their engineers helped us each step of the way, and saved us thousands of dollars. They even helped us mount our first robot. We are working on another project with CIMTEC this year.”

—DOUG WILSON, Program Director of Mechatronics, TriCounty Technical College

If you would like to speak to an engineer or get a free demo contact Daniel Hood at dhood@cimtec.com or call us at