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A Robust Connection Option for the Standard IO on the Epson T3 SCARA Robot

The CIMTEC Automation CIM-TSIO-AB-M01-A04-R3, T SERIES IO connector board provides a mechanically and electrically robust connection option for the standard IO on the Epson T3 robot.  This board incorporates a DSUB-15 female connector for the standard outputs and a DSUB-25 male connector for the standard inputs. It is available with either male or female SUBD connections on the board.  The CIM-TSIOAB-M01-A04-R2 has male connections, but because it is not a common stock item it has a (12) minimum qty on orders.

Board Securely Attaches to the T Series Robot

The board securely attaches to the back of the T Series robot and does not interfere with the robot's DSUB-25 connector used for safety and ESTOP signals.

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